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Please read the following Terms of Use Policy before using this site. Usage of the site constitutes acceptance of these Terms.

The following Terms of Use Policy establishes the terms, conditions, and legal disclaimers necessary to ensure the quality of myWatchMart ("we", or "us") and the services offered to you, the users ("buyers" and "sellers").

Note: Ads on myWatchMart are posted by users on various sites, not by myWatchMart. We are not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers, nor do we check the authenticity or accuracy of the ads, and as a result, myWatchMart has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised, the truth or accuracy of each classified ad and any representations made by the seller, the ability of sellers to sell the item and the ability of the buyers to buy the item. However, users and all transactions conducted on this site must comply with any applicable law and this Terms of Use Policy. We are not liable for any activity (including losses) incurred by a user while using this site, as well as any activity that occurs external to the myWatchMart site. We reserve the right to remove any ad or user that abuses his/her privileges and that does not abide by the law and this Policy.

General Information:

myWatchMart only serves as a forum where buyers and sellers can meet up and as a service to aggregate classifieds from various sites around the web. We are not in any way involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers are completely responsible for working out any transactions that take place, and they are responsible for resolving any disputes. We do not screen nor have control of users. We also do not review, endorse, guarantee, or authenticate any of the ads placed or aggregated on myWatchMart. Therefore, users should use care throughout your dealings. Users must also abide by any applicable laws, regulations or restrictions relating to transactions they participate in. Upon the completion of a sale, buyers and sellers must work out their own payment, shipping costs, applicable taxes and other costs when conducting a transaction on myWatchMart.


We reserve the right to refuse access of our services to anyone at our sole discretion, including blocking entire portions of the internet.

Account Information and Password:

Any activities and information you provide under your account including the password you choose to utilize is your sole responsibility to protect. You cannot use your or other users' account or password for any unauthorized purpose. myWatchMart is not liable for any activities that happen in your account.

Buyers and Sellers:

As a buyer, you're free to browse through any of the ads on this site. However, if you do show interest in an ad, you can respond to the ad by contacting the buyer at the source site or via any information listed in the ad. From there, the buyer and seller will communicate through email or other forms at their own will. myWatchMart only serves to facilitate the discovery of ads. We are not responsible for anything that happens beyond that point.

Access and Account Bans:

myWatchMart and its operators reserve the right to ban users and refuse access to anyone we deem is not abiding by our rules or is generally disruptive, fraudulent, dishonest, and/or undesirable. The site operators and moderators are the final authority on banning users.

Copyright and Trademark:

All content and compilation of the content of this site is the property of myWatchMart, and is protected by the Canadian and international copyright and trademark laws.

User Submitted Content:

As part of the normal operation of the site, users may submit content in the form of forum posts, classified ads, user reviews, and comments. It is understood that posting such content grants myWatchMart the right to display, disseminate, and use the information as it sees fit for the normal operation of the site and its features. In addition, user reviews, forum posts, and other original content submitted to the site become the property of myWatchMart, and is protected by Copyright.

The site also aggregates content from other forums and blogs in order to provide its search engine and listing services. This content is copyright to its original owners and we only display it for the convenience of our users. Please always check the source of the classifieds, clearly linked from each classified, for the most up to date version of that classified and for the latest price, pictures, and details.


You agree to indemnify myWatchMart, the site's operators, and all moderators and staff working on the site from any losses, fraud, and scam resulting from the use of the site. You agree that we are not responsible for any items listed here, and that the maximum damages that can be incurred of $1 in the event of any loss resulting from use of the site.

For Entertainment Purposes Only:

myWatchMart is provided free of charge for entertainment purposes only. We are not selling any watches nor do we represent any of the sellers on the site.

No Warranties or Guarantees:

myWatchMart does not provide any warranties or guarantees about the information, items, or users displayed on the site. myWatchMart explicitly states that items on the site are listed for entertainment purposes, and if you use the site to arrange a transaction with a seller or buyer you understand that myWatchMart is not offering any form of guarantee to the authenticity, accuracy of the items or of the truthworthyness of the sellers and buyers. You agree that you use the site at your own risk and take full responsibility for all actions on the site.

Your Consent:

By using our web site, it constitutes acceptance of the details outlined in this Terms of Use Policy. myWatchMart reserves the right to modify this Terms of Use Policy at any time. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use then do not use the site.

If you see a user/listing that violates the rules of this Policy, please notify us immediately through the "Report Ad" link of the listing.

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