Safety Tips Against Scams and Fraud

Please always proceed cautiously. myWatchMart is a free website for watch enthusiasts that does 2 things:

We do not vet the watch listings that appear on this site and you must exercise your own caution and due diligence at all times!

Postings From Other Sites

myWatchMart tracks watch sales classifieds from popular watch forums and sites. These listings are not vetted by us and we cannot know whether they are legitimate sellers. Again, please be careful and do your own due diligence.

Postings Right on myWatchMart

For postings made right on myWatchMart, anyone can post a free listing and anyone can reply to a posting. It is critical that you are careful and do your due diligence as myWatchMart does not vet any of the postings.

If we detect suspicious activities or if our users report suspicious activities we do our best to try to remove those users and their listings. The community helps identify some unsafe listings or users, and if we get reports of scams we ban accounts and remove ads as possible, but regardless, as with other free classifieds sites, you must exercise your own caution to avoid being victimized and you must do your own due diligence.

Rules to Avoiding Scams

Below are some common rules that you should consider, many are learned through hard lessons by various people on many classifieds sites.

What to do if you suspect there is a scam ad on myWatchMart

Report the ad using our report feature. On each ad there is a button that says "Report", click on this and submit your report!

What to do if you are a victim of fraud

Step 1: Leave feedback on the specific ad you got scammed on to also warn other members. Be specific and detailed, but do not use profanity or insults.

Step 2: Contact us so we can ban the scammer's account and shut down their ads. Note that we have no ability to help you beyond closing accounts and shutting down ads.

Step 3: Contact a group that helps with scammers.

There are several groups that specialize in dealing with scammers.

Common Signs of a Scam

In general the above are just warning signs, and in fact many legitimate users may show the above signs (many buyers want to know your best price for example). But it is the WAY these scammers approach you, and the combined signs which single them out.

The most common scams involve mailing fake checks and money orders from users who are "on vacation". Be wary of anyone like this, but always be courteous!!