Tags: Zodiac
33x39mm (not counting the crown) ZODIAC AUTOGRAPHIC WINDING INDICATOR WRIST WATCH ca. 1960's. All stainless steel watch. Four times signed- original black dial, movement, case and original crown. Very good condition save for some scratches on the case back. Good running signed Zodiac automatic winding indicator movement caliber 1424 movement with 17J. All stainless steel screw back case is signed on both the inside and outer case back. Original black dial has raised silver hour markers and hands. Silver winding indicator meter 0-36. Signed crown. The watch is outfitted with a Tropics style rubber strap. SELL- $249.95 PLUS SHIPPING. - DAVE HOLMES
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Watchnet$270The Bigwatch GuyJun 02, 18 11:18am
Timezone$200The Bigwatch GuyMar 11, 15 9:39am

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