FS Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Straps. Many Sizes, NATO Style Too. MUST SEE!


FS HORWEEN Shell Cordovan Straps in 16/14, 18/16, 19/16 20/18, 22/20, 24/22, NATO's & Wallets!

Officially licensed and stamped Horween!

NOW AVAILABLE WITH PRE VENDOME STYLE BUCKLE Polished, Brushed or PVD for 22mm & 24mm only!

Suggested Retail:$200.00

Specially Priced:

Size 16/14 mm $135 .
Available in standard lengths!

Size 18/16 mm $135 ($150 with buckle).
Available in standard lengths!

Size 19/16 mm $135 ($150 with buckle).
Available in standard lengths!

Size 20/18 mm $135 ($150 with buckle).
Available in standard lengths!

Size 22/20 mm $135 ($150 with buckle).
Available in short, and standard lengths!

Size 24/22 mm $135 ($150 with buckle).
Available in short, standard and extra long lengths!

This is Horween SHELL Cordovan, different than other cordovan straps.

This is considered the finest leather in the world. This leather is found in $300 to $750 Aldan shoes. It is treated in only one place in the world. We send the treated hides from the US to Germany to be handmade. Every hide is treated in special oils and waxes for 7 months! After wearing your strap, it quickly becomes soft as butter and NO strap will wear as well or as strong. It is waterproof and becomes better the more you wear it. This leather is like a BMW sportscar! Even though the strap is soft and comfortable, the hide is so dense, the microfibers don't break down when you bend the strap to extremes! Most Panerai collectors that have purchased one have come back for at least one more.

* Made by Horween in US *this trademark is stamped on the back of these straps*

* Handcrafted in Germany

Now available! Specifically made to fit Panerai deployant buckles! In 24/22 mm for 44 mm watches only.

Measuring 24/22 in standard length 115/75 for 44 mm Panerai watches

NATO Style Horween Shell Cordovan in 22 & 24 mm!

Suggested Retail: $225.00

Specially Priced: $195.00

Available in the following sizes:

* 20 mm
* 22 mm (Fits 40 mm Panerai watches and other brands with 22 mm lug widths.)
* 24 mm (Fits 44 mm Panerai watches and other brands with 24 mm lug widths.)

Available in the following colors:
Saddle with White Stitching
Oxblood with White Stitching
Dark Brown
Dark Brown with White Stitching
Black with White Stitching


FS Horween Shell Cordovan Wallet & Watch Strap Set
Horween strap & wallet: Specially Priced: $350 USD

Horween Wallet Only Specially Priced: $250

Like the Horween shell cordovan straps that I offer, this wallet is made of the same leather (wallet lining is made of Horween vegetable tanned hide).

Considered the finest leather in the world, the hide comes from the rump of a horse. The hide is much denser than calf or cowhide. It is so dense, you can twist it with pliers and the microfibers in the hide will not tear!

The Horween shell cordovan is the finest of all shell hides. It is treated in natural oils and waxes for 7 months to complete its tanning process. It is virtually waterproof and becomes more supple as you wear it. Often referred to as the BMW of leathers (because it gets better with more use), this leather will last a lifetime! The leather is treated and tanned in the US and our wallets are handcrafted in Germany.

The wallet has 8 credit card slots and a single bill compartment. Simple, elegant and functional.

This same wallet is made for a national chain of men's clothing stores (their name must stay anonymous) and sells for almost $400. Enjoy this wallet and save by purchasing it from me and you will receive a watch strap for less than the price of the wallet alone.

You will receive one wallet and one watch strap.

Of course, our wallets match our Horween shell cordovan straps.


Matching Horween straps available in the following sizes:
16/14 mm standard length 115/75 mm white or matching stitching
18/16 mm standard length 115/75 mm white or matching stitching
19/16 mm standard length 115/75 mm white or matching stitching
22/20 mm standard length 115/75 mm white or matching stitching
24/22 mm standard length 115/75 mm no stitching, white or matching stitching
24/22 mm XL length 115/95 mm white or matching stitching


Add $20 for insured shipping in the continental US. All others add $36.

Many more pictures available.

I will gladly ship worldwide. Prices do not include insured shipping.

Buy with confidence! I am a member of the IWJG and have over 1200 positive feedbacks on Ebay with 100% positive rating
Feel free to contact me at removed email for privacy or call (863) 800 0247

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