Hi guys

I'm selling my absolutely beautiful complete package rare Tudor Black Noir/black ETA Rose Dial/ smiley to fund a new watch.

This is an unworn (AD stamped March 2018), but was a display model and was tried on at the AD and has a few very minor hairlines on the side and very small marks from the salesman who temporarily changed the strap to a bracelet in the store for a potential customer.

It was sold to me Brand New and I have not worn it as I was going to set this one aside. I was going to try to keep this one as a safe queen and wear down the road, but looking at purchasing a new watch, surprise surprise!

FINAL REDUCTION: $3,450 net to me, CONUS shipping only. Local F2F in NC/SC

I have plenty of solid references and expect the same please.

Email/call or removed phone number for privacyFE-B041-591A9DB5ECCF_zpse40us2zz.jpg">
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