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Up for sale is my Heuer Autavia Viceroy, Ref. No. 1163V. Automatic Chronograph. The watch is a catch & release, due to realizing that *I might not be a chrono guy*. The watch is a beauty and has great wrist presence. I assume if you are looking at this watch, you should be quite familiar with the history of this reference. To point out, this watch has the Caliber 11 movement and not the standard Caliber 12.

History: I bought this watch back at the beginning of April of 2018 and didnt bond with the piece the way I was expecting.The person I bought from purchased the watch in 2017 from a reputable vintage watch collector who was thinning his collection. The Autavia was running great; however the Heuer date disc was the wrong color. It took him many months to find a replacement date disc. He finally ended up swapping date wheels with another Heuer collector from the UK. His watchmaker removed the black date wheel and installed the current silver, Calibre 11 date wheel.

Movement This watch has the well known Heuer Calibre 11 movement compared to the Heuer Calibre 12 movement, which is generally found in Autavia Viceroys. An unkown number of Heuer Autavias house the Calibre 11 Movement the first automatic chronograph ever made. More about the rich history of Heuer, Hamilton, & Burens race to build the worlds first automatic chronograph can be found here: Project 99 -- Parts One and Two
Additional Information on the Heuer Autavia Viceroy: Comparison of Two Viceroy Autavias -- Reference 1163V and Reference 11630

Size: 42MM

Condition/Functionality: All hands start and stop perfectly. Sub Dials are in great condition. Minor micro abrasions on the case. THE BEZEL IS IN AMAZING CONDITION. Crown winds and sets the watch perfectly. Power reserve is strong. KEEPS EXTREMELY ACCURATE TIME.
Hands, dial, bezel, pushers, crownall original and in EXCELLENT condition. As with any vintage piece, it takes a number of turns on the crown and wearing the watch to fully wind, but once the watch gets going, it keeps great time. The red chronograph had is off centered a little to the left. It resets back to that position, but it is not directly on 12 oclock. The crystal has some light scratches around 2, 6, and 10 oclock.

Service History: Unknown. However, the person I bought from had his watchmaker thoroughly inspect the watch when he purchased it. He stated it did not require service. Ive had absolutely no issue with the functionality of this watch whatsoever.

Asking Price: $4,000 (Ill take care of PayPal fees and shipping/insurance)
No Box. No Papers. Includes 20MM Black Leather Rally Strap AND 20MM Black corfam strap with red stiching as seen in the pictures.
Looking for a US sale only, but will entertain shipping outside of the states; I will ship USPS Priority Mail with Insurance, covered by me. Only ship to verified PayPal users.

I am a private watch enthusiast and selling the watch from my own collection. Ive sold numerous watches on eBay and a Doxa SUB 300 on WUS forum last fall. I typically dont sell many pieces from my collection, so that would account for the minimal sales references. I can provide contacts on the purchasing side that can speak to my character. Fee free to email at

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