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Ive had several of these and this is my last one, its seldom worn and time to move it on.

Unfortunately I must have got the boxes muddled up at some point in the past, this one comes with the box and instructions manual for a GX56. The module in the GXW56 is a 3220 and not the 3221 states on the booklet which I will include. Not really a big issue, as the manual is available to download in PDF form from the Casio website, which to be honest, I find much easier to use.
*Also, the centre foam cushion is missing from inside the tin.*

Its in nice condition overall, couple of very small marks to the glass, but only noticeable if angled a certain way in bright light.

These (as most of you are already aware.) are G-shocks in steroids, they are massive! They also boast being twice as tough as most of the other watches in the G-Shock range.

This model is filled with Alpha gel which cushions the module on hard impacts.

The Watch is also mud resistant too.

Impact resistant structures (shock resist)
Dust-proof and mud-proof structure (mad resist)
20 ATM water resistant
Tough solar (solar charging system)

Radio receiver: Multiband 6: receive automatically (up to 6 times per day) (China waves up to 5 times per day) and manually receive the
"Japan" received radio:JJY, frequency: 40kHz/60kHz (Fukushima / Kyushu Bureau of both model)
North America region received radio:WWVB, frequency: 60 kHz
Europe region received radio:MSF/DCF77, frequency:60kHz/77.5kHz
receiving radio:BPC, frequency:68.5kHz
* Receive and Home settings set in the city that can be received, according to the City Office. In addition, time is set by the selected cities.

-World time: 48 cities around the world
(31 time zones, daylight saving time setting function
With) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time display the UTC direct call feature
(1 / 100 seconds, the 24-hour clock, with split)
(Per set: 1-Max: 24 hours
Measured in one-second increments)
Five time alarms
(With Snooze feature only one)
The battery indicator display
-Power saving features
(After certain period of time in the dark
Save battery life, turn off the display)
Full Auto calendar
12 / 24 hour display switching
Operation sound on/off switchable
EL backlight
(Full auto EL light, afterglow,
Afterglow time switch (w/1.5 seconds / 3 seconds.

Size of case : 55.553.617.5mm

A few images just taken:

These are getting rather hard to get hold of now and prices are on the up.

120.00 GBP (Net via PayPal) including Worldwide recorded delivery please.

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