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All good things must come to an end, and so I am selling my beloved 6139-7010. This is the same watch that is featured in my Affordable Vintage article from 2012, which can be found here: Affordable Vintage: 1970 Seiko 6139-7010 Chronograph - Worn & Wound which launched this reference into the low-level stardom it has.

To sum it up real quick, the 6139-7010 is a gem even amongst the 6139 crew, which features many a great watch. The JDM version is very rare, and is the only 6139 to have an alpha numeric hours index, giving it its distinct military-esque feel. The 41 x 44 x 13mm case is svelte, comfortable and great looking. Oh, and dont forget its an automatic column-wheel chronograph with a push-button date set. Modern chronographs could learn a thing or two from this watch!

This example is pretty good all around, though is by no means pristine. There is some interesting patina on the dial and the case shows that it has been worn over the years. That said, the finishing is still in tact and looks great. The patina adds character, IMHO, and the whole package just looks killer. As far as I can tell its all original save the chronograph hands, which are typically a yellowish/orange color. No idea when they were replaced, but the red ones here look amazing and actually complement the design even better. The watch runs well and keeps very good time, though service history is unknown.

The watch is sold as pictured with an Autodromo rally strap. The watch is a 19mm and the strap is 20mm, so its a bit jammed in, but looks really good on the watch.

Asking $1200 Paypal, Venmo, Chase quickpay only, CONUS highly preferable (international with additional shipping)

Please don't DM. Instead, email at zach(at)wornandwound(dot)com
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