Lightly used Vintage Submersible. Keeps incredible time, within 5 s/d. These come with the glide-lock clasp not working right because the final link is slightly too wide to fit under the clasp. I shaved it down so the glide-lock works as it was intended! Includes all links, a Bond NATO and original packaging. Very difficult to see the tiny marks from strap changes and a few swirls on the clasp from life happening. The wait on these is very long. Buy now and wear it this week! $230 shipped CONUS.

2018-04-16_10-06-00 by Owen Dow, on Flickr
2018-04-16_10-07-15 by Owen Dow, on Flickr
2018-04-16_10-08-22 by Owen Dow, on Flickr
2018-04-16_10-08-32 by Owen Dow, on Flickr
2018-04-16_10-09-04 by Owen Dow, on Flickr
2018-04-16_10-09-37 by Owen Dow, on Flickr

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