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This is one beautiful update of the 6105-8009, which i also own. I love these "frames" watches so much that i bought two,
and now i'm finding that it's just not necessary to have two of one watch. This watch is in good, wearable condition, but it
does show signs of wear, especially on the shiny lumed bezel. The sapphire is perfect, the case is really very good, and if
you found this level of wear on a middle-aged watch, you'd be pretty happy....The lume on this watch is the best of any
that i have ever owned, better than a seiko monster, an omega seamaster, better than any other seiko or helson, and i've
seen plenty. It must be because the dial is dadoed out for the lume plot's outer shape, and then deep lume fills it to just a
slight recess below the surface. Very cool design, i have received more compliments on this watch than any other i've
ever worn. At 40mm, it's the perfect size, and while i measure 11mm thickness nic crystal, the apparent thickness measures
8mm. This is a very wearable watch. It comes with it's original unworn, unaltered tropic strap, but no box, papers or
anything else....$575 includes paypal fees and postage to the Conus and Canada.

Thanks for looking, and Thanks to WUS.

Edit...I got some good pointers on taking photos from WUS brethren, and dang, i'm sorry about the dust and the

Last edit...replacement bezels are available from Helson for $70, i did not think it was worth it yet, but for a
small price, you could make this watch look pretty close to new....
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