Tags: 41mm LNIB
Selling my "Like new in box" Scatola Del Tempo 3RTM XXL Carbon winder. $7600 retail, asking $5000 OBO. Original owner.

Gorgeous aluminum body and gears, carbon fiber inserts. Winds your watches on a variety of different programs. Works with included power adapter, 2 D-cell batteries. VERY quiet, nearly silent running.
Additionally includes cradles for smaller (non-XXL) watches, ordered special from Scatola del Tempo (my watches are mostly 40-41mm).
Includes original everything: shipping box, box, velvety pouch thing, manuals, power adapter, power adapter adapters for Euro and Australia, miscellaneous parts from Scatola. See below for a bunch of photos.

Please PM me with any questions or offers. Thanks for looking!
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Timezone$5000MartyTaylorJun 02, 18 8:18pm
Timezone$5500MartyTaylorApr 07, 18 7:33pm
Timezone$5500MartyTaylorMar 13, 18 12:08pm

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