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Casio G-Shock GW-2310FB-1, in like-new condition. It's a black-screen version with sharp green illumination. I have worn it a few dozen times, and has no flaws, except for one: the auto-illumination does not engage reliably. Sometimes, if the watch is tilted a certain way, the auto-illumination would trigger. It's probably a stuck censor. To note, the illumination itself works great if you press the button. That said, most people turn off the auto feature because they don't like it lighting up at random times. Enough about auto-EL.

Every other feature works great. Watch is atomic and solar-charged. It gets a signal easily and charges to full all the time. Very comfortable to wear as well. I am only selling because I have another G-Shock I prefer to wear.

Watch comes as shown, only missing the manual.

Price is $57, including shipping and PayPal fees.
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