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to the G-Shock community I have an ExcelIent cond DW-5600C SPEED(691 module) fully serviced with all functions working perfectly.new stock Casio caseback gasket and siicon applied as well as installation of a new Renatta 2032 long life lithium power cell,work was preformed by a professional.all screw,s present and not frozen or stripped,a magnificant example as you would expect from a barely worn example of this iconic watch.the Xstal is perfect and blemish free,the beads of rice light bulb is bright and BEST of all,the watch has been fitted with Casio NOS OEM bezel and strap in supple + soft condition,again these are not brazilian aftermarket skins or chinese repos.these were discontined 8 years ago,however I picked this set up from a jeweler who was retiring,still in casio sealed pkg,NEVER WORN,100% stock Casio made for DW-5000/5200/5600.
I am Paypal verified,located CONUS,longtime member TZ,WUS,MWR.many on E-bay have issues or needs bezels or straps or both.you can forget about buying stock Casio skins for these unless you want to fork over several hundred dollars and thats if you can find a set.I am offering up this classic vintage square for 225.00 or an intersting trade of equal value or higher + cash on my end.I am a collector of vintage Old School G -Shocks and they all have a scratch here or a blemish there so I wear them often without worry. this one is to nice to wear for me since I do not like to babysit my watches.

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