Tags: Panerai
LNIB, tried on a handful of times. Comes complete with double box set, additional strap, tools, booklets, etc.

Price: $14,275

• Will consider certain trades

• Will gladly ship worldwide, international shipping costs will be added

• Local pick up and inspection available in my Downtown Miami office

• Always a cash buyer for new and pre-owned watches

• Many worldwide references available upon request

• Thanks for looking, please don’t hesitate to call, removed phone number for privacy. A scammer is sending out emails posing as me with watches to sell. They’re using a third party email (Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc). I DO NOT use a third party email, only the two listed above. Please double check the email address and/ or call me directly to confirm whom you’re dealing with. Thank you.
Listing History
Watchnet$14275SeanLApr 02, 17 6:23am
Watchnet$14275SeanLMar 04, 17 6:30am
Watchnet$14275SeanLFeb 01, 17 2:53pm
Watchnet$14275SeanLJan 02, 17 2:38pm
Watchnet$14275SeanLDec 03, 16 7:30am
Watchnet$14275SeanLNov 05, 16 6:27am
Watchnet$14275SeanLOct 02, 16 10:59am
Watchnet$14275SeanLSep 05, 16 3:38pm
Watchnet$14275SeanLAug 02, 16 4:16pm
Watchnet$14275SeanLJul 04, 16 4:48pm
Timezone$14275SeanLJul 03, 16 8:46am
Watchnet$14275SeanLJun 02, 16 3:26pm
Timezone$14275SeanLJun 01, 16 3:43pm
RolexForums$14275SeanLandsnaesMay 23, 16 4:05pm
Timezone$14275SeanLMay 23, 16 3:35pm
Watchnet$14275SeanLMay 23, 16 3:27pm
Watchnet$16275SeanLMay 03, 16 3:32pm
Watchnet$16275SeanLApr 03, 16 5:47am
Watchnet$16275SeanLMar 01, 16 4:07pm
Watchnet$16275SeanLFeb 03, 16 3:47pm
Watchnet$16275SeanLJan 07, 16 4:59pm
RolexForums$16275SeanLandsnaesDec 27, 15 6:51am
Watchnet$16275SeanLDec 27, 15 5:58am

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